- Sanlam Music Competition special incentive

The Sanlam National Music Competition has opened a window of opportunity for more music students from disadvantaged communities to perform and catch the eye on a national stage. With the incorporation into the competition of a special incentive initiative, they will be competing on equal terms with candidates from other communities.

This initiative, funded through Sanlam’s corporate social investment programme, supplements the sponsorship of the competition.

The Sanlam competition was devised and instituted by the Tygerberg Branch of the South African Society of Music Teachers (SASMT) 21 years ago to create a platform to develop talent from an early age at national level. It has already put a number of young musicians on the road to successful music careers and even international acclaim.

There are four categories:  Piano, Strings, Woodwind and Brass Instruments and Other Instruments (percussion, recorder, classical guitar and harp). A host of attractive prizes are at stake.

“Now the competition’s window of opportunity will be opening wider”, explains Martie de Lange, sponsorships manager of Sanlam.

“Potential candidates from poor/disadvantaged communities who are receiving music tuition in development programmes (so-called outreach initiatives) but whose progress is being delayed or jeopardised by socio-economic issues, will be assisted to enter, audition and finally compete on equal terms with all entrants and within their peer group.

“The initiative will create a totally new music target audience. In addition to offering participants the chance to distinguish themselves within the ambit of their own section, the new structure will also facilitate interaction and contact between music students, teachers and parents from divergent communities from all parts of South Africa.”

The closing date for this year’s competition is 16 April.  Auditions in the main centres will commence on 24 May.  The actual competition takes place at the Hugo Lambrechts Auditorium in Parow, Cape Town from 20- 24 September.

There are full particulars at http://www.sanlam.co.za (Sponsorships, Cultural Initiatives).

Enquiries:    Leon Hartshorne 021 939 9105 / 082 417 7921 or
Hilda Boonzaaier (after 20:00) 021 945 3861, or send a fax to 021 939 9123.

Note:  In the recent 5th Unisa International String Competition, all three the local competitors were previous Sanlam winners:  Avigail Bushakevitz (semi-finalist), Vicente Espi and Jacqueline Wedderburn-Maxwell (most promising South African).

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