- Pick ’n Pay / Fine Music Radio Winners

- Pick ’n Pay / Fine Music Radio Winners

The highly successful finals of the sixth annual Pick’n Pay/FMR 101.3 Music Awards took place at the Baxter Concert Hall in front of a packed audience on Friday 30 August.

The winners were Monique van Willingh (flute) from Ottery in the Jazz Section and Bradley Burgess (piano) from Claremont in the Classical section. The evening had shown such a variety of performances with exceptional flute performances in each category, bass guitar and saxophone renditions upping the tempo in the Jazz section, whilst the classical section saw outstanding piano and flute perfomances that entranced the audience.

The virtuoso piano playing of Bradley Burgess (above) won him the classical award and the audience was enraptured as he skilfully played his three pieces. From Bach’s Sinfonia from Partita No 2 in C minor, Rachmaninov’s Sonata no 2 in B-flat minor (opus 36) and the passionate Suggestion Diabolique, Op 4 No. 4 by Prokofiev, he created an ambience that had the audience spellbound.
Mark Jennings, Marketing Manager for Pick ‘n Pay was a popular Master of Ceremonies and was full of praise for each contestant as they completed their sets. Involved from the inception of the awards he was quick to note the very high standard and reinforced Pick ‘n Pay’s commitment to giving our youngsters an opportunity to move up the ladder of musical success.

The R20 000 prize in each category enables the winners to further their career as a musician through travel and study. For Monique this was a dream come true. She was effusive in her praise of both sponsors for giving her the opportunity to participate in the competition. “This has been an amazing experience - one that I will always remember. We were supported by such a warm audience, which made for a lovely atmosphere to perform in. I really enjoyed it! It is a great honour to be a recipient of the PNP / FMR Award” she said. 

For Bradley, who will be completing his studies in the USA later this year, this is a welcome boost.  “It was such a pleasure being invited to play in the final round again. I will definitely use the prize money to help fund my Masters’ degree at the Manhattan School of Music in New York where I start in September.”

The runners up were Benjamin Jephtha on bass guitar and Linda Tshabalala on saxophone in the Jazz category, who each gave impressive performances with their own compositions. In the Classical category Sally Minter on flute was superbly elegant, whilst Mark Spence on piano showed his versatility by including a contemporary Gershwin piece within his selection. The runners-up received Pick ‘n Pay gift cards to the value of R2000.

The competition encourages young musicians between the ages of 18 and 28 who may have completed their studies and who wish to further their careers and is launched annually in May through the radio station.

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